About us

Reshewarchi Akshare (literally translated as Letters on
Line, is a play on words to underscore online new age writing in Marathi)
started in 2008 when a group of 5 amateur bloggers in Marathi living in
different parts of the world got together to compile the best of literature on
Marathi blogs, which was a novelty at that time with advent of Unicode-based
facilities to write and publish in Marathi along with the increasing internet penetration
in India, and publish it around October/ November every year to coincide with
Diwali, the festival of lights, celebrated across India. Marathi language,
which is 4th most spoken language in India (predominantly in the state of
Maharashtra) has a more than 100-year long tradition of many journals and news
media publishing a special issue on the occasion of Diwali. Reshewarchi Akshare is part of this tradition. This effort continued until
2012 with many novel ideas and creating a platform for new writers and poets to
experiment with their writing. After a brief hiatus, we resumed in 2015 and
decided to bring out a publication every two years focussing on a specific
topic, and also trying to make Reshewarchi Akshare a forum for exchange of
ideas. This year will mark the 7th issue of Reshewarchi Akshare. It is a
not-for-profit, volunteering effort on part of both editors and authors with
only online presence.
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